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Engineering 전공으로 top UC 준비 관련 정보

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Considering engineering majors? 

Keep in mind that applying to engineering is all or nothing at Berkeley and UCLA (you either get in with engineering or not at all; for more information about Berkeley EECS vs. L&S CS, see this post) and engineering admission is exceptionally competitive at both UC campuses. 


The rest of the UCs screen for engineering preparation and that can affect admission (many UCs are starting to move away from considering alternate major). 


Here’s a list of campuses that publish freshman admit rates by major if you want to try to guess your chances: 


Irvine – Irvine – Office of Institutional Research – Undergraduate Admissions (change the criteria in “School” and “Report Type”) contains admit rates for every major (latest data is from Fall 2019) 


UCLA – Admissions Data contains admit rates by College or School (latest data is from Fall 2019) 


Merced – Undergraduate Applicants, Admits, and Enrollments (choose “Table: Single Year by Major”) contains admit rates for every major (latest data is from Fall 2019) 


Santa Cruz – Frosh Application and Admission Summary contains admit rates for every major (latest data is from Fall 2019, starts on page 9 of the PDF file)